Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Big Brick

This may look like an ordinary brick, but it is so much more. When I left Mainland High School and my teaching/athletic training career we were in a construction project. A team was tearing down portions of the old school as they built a new one in its place. As I wrapped up my summer position there one of the custodians brought this brick to me. It was from the classroom I had taught in for years and it has a prominent place on the shelf in my office today.

This is more than memorabilia to me. It is a symbol of the foundation laid in me through Mainland High School and the family there. It signifies the trust they placed in me when they brought me on staff and the loving patience they showed me as I matured. This was the place that developed my passion for other people and shaped my leadership skills. At Mainland I learned to think long term and see the stories behind people's attitudes. It was here that I was honored to work with some of the brightest, most compassionate, and loyal friends. This brick represents the people that are still so important to me that I deeply care for.

I suppose it doesn't necessarily matter if anyone else sees more than a brick as long as I understand it's value. I believe it's healthy to have artifacts such as this to make sure we remember how we arrived in our present position.

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