Saturday, January 17, 2015

Home Sweet Home

My wife and I have a deep love for Arizona. We have served out there on mission trips for over ten years and have developed friendships that mean a great deal to us. We also have a great passion for that area of the country and the vacation times we have been able to share. There is always an eager sense of longing as we get closer to our next trip and a feeling of sorrow when we leave. Each trip is different and special in its own way and is a part of our family history.

As much as we enjoy the west however, it isn't home. While we miss Arizona we are also excited to be back where God has called us. We are honored to be part of a thriving church and community while sharing it with our beautiful family. Arizona is part of who we are, but we are delighted to be planted where we are. It's a wonderful blessing to have a place we love to visit and yet this place we get call home. I consider myself a fortunate man to be able to share two wonderful places.

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