Thursday, July 24, 2014

Remembering Mercy

Last week at the CIY Move conference I was tremendously blessed to serve with phenomenally talented, God-focused kingdom workers. Our worship was led by the Aaron Pelsue Band* and their devotion to God and relational transparency were palpable. There was one song in particular that resonated deeply with me-especially one line in particular: "I deserve all the worst, yet You offer mercy."

This is a simple recognition of who I am and what I have done that is cast aside because of great love of God for me. It is a phrase that gives me hope and reminds me of how much my Father cares for me, His son. It is a lyric that erases my horrible past and propels me forward to the promise of a better future. 

I am so thankful for His mercy that makes me clean and new when I have done nothing to deserve it.

Hear my cries Lord, Hear my plea
All around me, All I see
Are canyons of heartache, rivers of mistakes
They’re calling out, longing for me

Hide me under Your wings of grace
Let Your love be my hiding place
Wash me clean, come make me holy
For I deserve all the worst, yet You offer mercy
I deserve all the worst, yet You offer mercy

When I’m parched, Lord, give me drink
Pull me up from, on the brink
Dangers abounding, my head is pounding
It’s clouding up my clarity

O Lord have mercy on me

Kyrie, kyrie eleison, O Lord have mercy on me
Kyrie, kyrie, eleison

*Please check out their website and purchase their music online. Their songs are powerful expressions of worship and they are genuinely Christ-centered. You won't be disappointed.

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