Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fight Club

I shared a song last week that has been resonating with me. I was listening to it again this morning and the
simple bridge "Our God is fighting for us always" was especially powerful. It reminded me of two different truths about God.

He is always fighting to get my attention and devotion. He works to communicate with me in so many different ways and wants to make sure that I focus on Him above all else. He knows that I am most fulfilled when I find my satisfaction in Him.

It also speaks to how He is fighting battles for me that I can't fight on my own and that I certainly can't win on my own strength. There are things happening in the spiritual realm that are beyond my comprehension and when I put my trust in my King, I can find victory through Him.

These are both comforting thoughts as they remind me that the Creator of the entire universe will do anything to have a relationship with me and that He will fight fiercely to protect the child He loves. It's so encouraging I could almost just repeat those words through the day to bring me needed strength and rest.

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