Sunday, December 8, 2013

Trying to Survive

I was reading an article on an old school "hobo code" that used to be left on trains as homeless men would hop on to find food and scratch out an existence in different towns. This code would reveal information about an area that would let other hobos know if a place would be safe, where to get a free meal, and even who would be generous if you told a good enough story. The code was a matter of trust between fellow travelers, but represented a greater need-the deep-felt need for survival and the willingness to use whatever means necessary to make that a reality.

Do we still have this survival instinct or have we gotten so comfortable in our modern lives that we have forgotten what it means to fight to get ahead? Do we invest great energy into moving forward or have we accepted our status and resigned ourselves (often subconsciously) to this pattern we live in now? A true survival response causes us to work diligently to protect and guide our families and to eliminate threats that take us away from our preferred future. It's our complacency that deadens this natural instinct until we find ourselves in desperate situations with no idea how we got there and an inability to respond in a way that guarantees our endurance. 

For the sake of our families, our communities, our churches, and our character we need to regain that innate passion for survival.

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