Friday, December 27, 2013

Good Gifts

I like to give gifts and enjoy surprising & spoiling people that I care about. I like doing this throughout the year, but also try to take advantage of opportunities on special occasions (ie. birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas) to be generous. Our family has always been great gift-givers as well and the Christmas celebration is one that lasts for a while as we unwrap and enjoy our gifts to each other. While the presents are meaningful, I recognize that it's the family time that is the most important thing to me. It's that life-truth that we want our children to understand more than anything else.

My oldest daughter, Lindsay, posted a thought about Christmas that shows where her thoughts are:

"My favorite thing about this trip here in TN is that my Uncle Travis is so much better. I was able to run and jump-hug him when he visited yesterday. That was the first time we'd play fought since he had cancer and it makes me so so so happy to see him as he always was before. I had a ridiculous amount of presents this year, but this was the best one of all."

I think they're getting it.

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