Monday, December 2, 2013

Psalm 139 Remix

God, You've done your research and You know exactly who I am
No matter how I'm reclined or what direction I'm inclined
You read my distant thoughts like a story right in front of you.

In or out, up or down, none of it sneaks by you.
I can't form words that surprise you
You're walking ahead of me & protecting behind me
I can't begin to understand how you pull this off
All I know is that it's too magnificent for me to handle.

I'm out of hiding places even though I've tried
I can't fly high enough or dig deep enough to avoid you
No distant land, no watery depth can keep you from my life
Your hand is ever ready to steady my step and keep me straight.

No lack of light is dark enough to camouflage my presence from you.
You see brightness in the dark while I stumble trying to find my place.

You've known me from before my beginning and pieced me together 
from nothing to something
I can't help but be amazed at your handiwork.
You've created me for a time and place and none of it is hidden from your sight

I value your insights even as I don't comprehend all that you plan and do.

I am firmly on your side, my God. I stand united with you and in 
firm opposition to those that hate your ways.

Check me completely God & reveal my motives.
Examine me thoroughly and quiet my mind
Reveal to me who I truly am
Heal me, transform me, remake me, lead me towards your perfection that lasts forever
It's your path I want to walk in my present & my future.

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