Thursday, December 19, 2013

Some Days

There are days when it becomes difficult to get anything done. You have a game plan for success and find out quickly that you aren't even playing the same game everybody else is playing. Instead of running smoothly towards your goals and swiftly through your task lists you get bogged down in difficulties and disappointment. It's the kind of day when you reach the end and have difficulty measuring the progress from your efforts.

Your character is developed more by persevering through this day and trusting that the next will be better. Days like this are poignant reminders that the passion for your calling will overcome any obstacles you face. It's also a reminder that you may be making more progress than you believe even if it's not that evident.

 Much like God's mercies for us are new each morning, the bittersweet taste of today can be quickly replaced with the realization that the good days will far outnumber the difficult ones. The best counsel is to get a good night's rest, thank God for a chance to start again, and tackle the next day with renewed focus.

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