Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Comparison Trap

We do ourselves tremendous personal damage when we step into the comparison trap. We believe that we are not measuring up to the exact practices set by other men, husbands, couples, parents and Christians. As a result, we see our self-esteem plummet as we become consumed with meeting someone else's standards and failing miserably. This doesn't mean that we shouldn't be encouraged by people who are at different phases of the life journey. We can even find ourselves motivated by those around us to work harder at leading in our personal and professional life. Defeatism occurs when we believe we have to be exactly like someone else that appears to be doing it better than we currently are. Life is better lived when we spur each other to be better leaders and followers. We just don't have to be exactly like someone else or lead in the exact manner that they do.

God doesn't want you to be a second rate version of someone else. He wants you to be a first rate version of yourself.

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