Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Peeking Ahead

I drove to Macon this morning and stopped at a little restaurant on the way called The Little Blue Box. I had been there a couple of times before and had been looking forward to having their pork chop, egg & cheese biscuit. It's kind of sad that I was anticipating something to eat quite so much, but I still managed to enjoy my breakfast (and will do so again when I make my way by there again.)

It's important to have some things to look forward to. It can be something simple like a good meal or watching a movie with your family. It's anticipating time on the front porch with your wife at the end of a long day. Sometimes it's just the comfort of knowing there is nothing planned for your day off. It  can even be a circle date on the calendar as you celebrate two friends marrying each other.

Positive anticipation fosters hope and gives us things to look forward to even on the most mundane days. Build the big and small events in and enjoy the moments when they arrive.

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