Tuesday, August 20, 2013

High End

I want to be a high capacity leader. Even as I aspire to be this kind of leader I understand that it is a process that cannot be rushed. It involves moving from having potential to making things a reality in my personal life and calling. There are several areas that fall under this concept of "high capacity" but there are a few key areas that came to mind as I meditated on this:

  • Ability-actively honing strengths and limiting weaknesses
  • Character-consistently striving to be above reproach
  • Execution-able to get the right things done in the right time frame
  • Humility-honoring others and not self-promoting
  • Speech-encouraging other people and building people up even through constructive criticism
I will readily admit that I fall short of these ideals. Diligent focus on these qualities with an eye on personal development will bring me closer to where I want to be.

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