Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hunger Pangs

What are you hungry for? We desire victory, affirmation, reputation, prestige, wealth, respect, admiration, and responsibility. While we might want these things (and even genuinely feel that we need them) our deepest desire can be summed up in one word: acceptance. It's this deep hunger of our heart that leads us to spend our whole lives searching for fulfillment. Our relationships become the source of our acceptance, but when we exclude God from the equation we find ourselves lacking what we desperately need.

Our enemy recognizes this and tries to convince us to look at other sources. He makes sure that the buffet table of temporary satisfaction that he serves from has an appealing aroma and the appearance of everything we are searching for. It's only when he has us locked into a chair at the table that we find that what we are served is much less than advertised. 

Anything less than God will prey on our sense of longing and appease our appetite, but never satisfy our hunger. That can only be found in an authentic, humble journey with our heavenly Father who never abandons, never gives up, and will work tirelessly to give us what we need.

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