Friday, October 19, 2012

Winning & Losing

Are we playing to win or playing not to lose? In athletics this applies to teams that are afraid to take a risk that might lead to a loss. Instead they run a game plan that isn't willing to be aggressive, but hope that a passive (and somewhat timid) approach will bring victory. In my sports and ministry experience this isn't usually successful in the long run.

Just as there is a distinctive difference between the two methods in sports, there is the same discrepancy in philosophy of life. We are faced with the decision of which strategy we will choose to employ. The path of fear & hesitation is aimed at not disrupting our relationships or the temporary reality we feel we have worked so hard to construct. Pursuing God's vision will require a focused mindset that will change our actions. We will have to choose to have difficult conversations, to increase our generosity to the point of financial sacrifice, to risk rejection as we share Christ, and to boldly & consistently ask God for big direction that we can act on. These aren't actions of people playing it safe, but that isn't the way of life for a Christ-follower anyway.

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