Monday, October 15, 2012

True Hunger Games

A friend of mine once commented to me that he thought it would be easier to share Christ with a homeless drug addict than with someone who lived in a large home and had every daily physical need met. His rationale was based on the premise that one of those people will be more desperate for truth while the other will deceive themselves with the comfort of material things.

Spiritually malnourished people who ignore the sustenance of God & those who are unaware of their need for Him both end up dying of hunger. One group sees the truth and chooses to reject it while the other is blinded by ignorance. To be truly effective we have to recognize our own desperate desire for nourishment from Christ and then our mission shifts to bringing others the same revelation. God's illumination is necessary to reveal the need for Christ when we are trapped in sin, regret, insecurity, and discontent. Convincing a starving person that they have a deficiency of God's nourishment is the first step in the battle against spiritual emaciation. 

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