Monday, October 29, 2012

Give Me Both

I blogged recently on the hope of Heaven and a realm that waits at the end of this earthly life. I was recently reminded of the power of that promise at a friend's church as they sang about the day that we would be made complete in Heaven. I loved the passion that was shared as we sang about the gates of Heaven opening and the desire to take people there with us. We were describing something beautiful to look forward to and the anticipation of the fulfillment of God's great promise.

I found it an interesting contrast from what we normally sing about in the churches I have been in. Most of the songs are about seeking what God has to help us get through today. They describe the awesome power of God and how He provides comfort to us through difficult times. The lyrics are filled with a desire for our earthly life to be transformed and for us to surrender our will to God so that we can make it through the toughness of this existence. Neither approach to God is incorrect, but on their own they only offer half of the answer.

The truth is that we need God for today and for the future. We aren't only looking forward to Heaven, but we are seeking God's power and deliverance for today. If we don't seek and celebrate both of these we have an incomplete picture of who He is.

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