Friday, April 27, 2012


It is a cliche expression, but the experiences of this past week and the continual work of the Holy Spirit have me feeling as if I have been drinking from a fire hose. It's a whole lot of force and information coming at me at one time and it becomes difficult to process what is most essential right now.

I sat down with the intent of writing in more detail about what is being revealed to my spirit, but I find that so many things are going through my mind that it isn't possible just yet. I had glimpses and reminders of stirrings throughout the day today, but the end of the day has left me exhausted. While I want to flesh out ideas and seek God direction, He is also telling me tonight to simply rest. I have the desire to work on multiple thoughts and directions and He has directed me to enjoy the night.

Instead of offering up deep reflections, that is what I will do. I will sit outside with my gorgeous wife and enjoy the blessings of our lake view. Not a tough assignment to be obedient to at all.

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