Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have to spend some time processing all that God shared through so many people at the Exponential. It was powerful, challenging, and healing. I am grateful for the faithfulness of the leaders at Exponential for their preparation and obedience to share with so many pastors & spouses.

As I sat down to write tonight, I looked back through my multiple pages of notes and came back across a thought that I will have to continue to meditate on. Brian & Amy Bloye shared on stage in one of the main sessions and they asked a big question, "Is Jesus enough?"

Is Jesus enough if the circumstances in your life don't ever match up to what you expect? Is Jesus enough if your career doesn't ever take off the way you hoped it would? Is Jesus enough if each day is a struggle to do what is right and you feel as if you are constantly battling temptation? Is Jesus enough if the church you pastor never grows above 200 people?

As we are slowly transformed by our closeness with Christ, I believe we are able to finally say that He is sufficient for us no matter what our other life circumstances may be. We find fulfillment in our relationship with Him and not in any other detail of life. It is a mark of true faith to be able to affirm that even if the rest of the world disappoints or fails to live up to lofty expectations, we can find comfort and rest in our relationship with God.

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