Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bringing Joy

As I strive to find more joy in my life (see this post), I found myself praying & thinking more about how to increase that in my life. It started with reading through Scripture, focusing in prayer and then asking myself some simple questions.

What brings me joy? What is it that I want to continually take part in that brings me a sense of fulfillment?

I find it in simple things like a good cup of coffee & a conversation with a friend. I find it in teaching & preaching-one of my true sweet spots. Intentionally investing in other leaders brings satisfaction & completeness. I think of how I feel sharing Christ with middle schoolers at camp and the joy I felt last summer serving as campus pastor to youth ministers & leaders at CIY Move. There is a fullness in serving in the mission field with faithful friends who do it every day. 

The joy I feel laughing with my children at the dinner table or simply hugging & kissing them is pure. The simple joy of holding my wife's hand and staring at the lake reminds me of how blessed I am to have her as my life companion. 

I don't believe that we have to throw away parts of our life (sin notwithstanding) to find joy. True joy is when we invite God into every part of who we are & take pleasure in how He moves through it all.

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