Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nothing But the Truth

We live in a world that is fascinated with lies. Covering up physical blemishes, inflating personal accomplishments, dishonesty in relationships, shifting blame to other people & circumstances, and false advertising are only some of the lies that we allow to infiltrate and rule our lives.

Is it that we don't want truth or that we are afraid of what the truth might be? In relationships it can be messy to work with the truth, so many people ignore it for the sake of "comfort" not realizing that it leads to destruction. We believe the lies of "it's not that bad" and "at least I'm not doing what he/she is doing" instead of realizing that any sin obstructs our view of God. We have managed to look in the mirror at our broken lives and yet convince ourselves that everything will be fine-as if it will just magically get better one day without changing anything.

The truth can be painful, but it is the only option for real life. It is exclusive and leaves no room for any falsehood-no matter how big or small.

Jesus is The Truth. He shines a light so bright that the darkness of deceit doesn't stand a chance. He is ready to speak a reality into us that will set us free from the traps of our past and those that satan has set for our future. It is time for our circumstances, addictions, and sin to be exposed for the flimsy substitutes of grace that they truly are. It is the only way that a full life here in God's Kingdom can be lived.


  1. To look at the truth can be painful especially when we are looking at ourselves. Its easy to live a lie and once you live that lie long enough it becomes your truth. When you open your world and begin to examine yourself its only by God's grace that you can experience acceptance. Once you accept Jesus as your Truth you can begin to accept those past mistakes, addictions ( that have held you down and told you the lies you have begun to believe ), relationships, and circumstances that seem to of robbed you. You can then look at all those parts of your world and you can begin to have Jesus change you and then you begin to experience the freedom that only he can provide. Freedom for sure! Thanks for the post!

  2. I write this post as someone who has traded the truth for lies too many times in my own life. The truth is not always comfortable to see at first, but it never fails to set us free when it is based in Christ. Trying to communicate that to those that don't recognize (or refuse to see) the veil over their eyes is tough. We keep praying down satan's strongholds down through it all.