Thursday, November 24, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

I co-taught with a good friend at Mainland High School who would use the phrase, "Attitude of Gratitude" when he was talking about a thankful lifestyle. It truly should be more than just periodic gratefulness for this blessed life that we get to lead, but in honor of the calendar I thought I would carve out (no pun intended) a blog showing appreciation for my own blessings.
  • Salvation-knowing that I am not condemned to a life of sin
  • A God that loves me for me-in spite of my numerous faults, failings, and flaws
  • My wife-there is no way to adequately appreciate her in a few words here, but to know that this gorgeous woman has my heart and I have hers is mind-blowing
  • Three beautiful, intelligent, and caring daughters-they amaze me in so many different ways and I can't believe I have anything to do with how incredible they are
  • My family-a special place in my heart reserved for my mom and how she has influenced me, my brothers & sisters and extended family, my stepfather and his love for family, my grandparents who continue to influence my life even though they are no longer with us
  • Friends that stick with you-from childhood friends that I still communicate with, my Mainland family (Buc Pride Never Dies!), new found friendships that continue to develop, and those you weather the storms of life with and come out together on the other side
  • My calling to be a pastor-working through tough periods of refinement and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to make the best/most impact for the Kingdom
  • Teaching God's Word-working right in the middle of my gifting and feeling alive as God opens that Word up to others through it
  • Second chances-being given an opportunity by a boss & friend to do things over
  • Simple pleasures-a good book, a strong cup of coffee, playing guitar while my children sing along, holding my wife's hand, watching a sunrise & sunset, enjoying good Chinese food with friends & co-workers, making my children laugh, daddy/daughter breakfasts, a big bear hug, early morning prayers
  • Physical blessings-a beautiful home (and generous friends!), a meal prepared in love, clothes to wear, and health
  • This journey of life-not often easy, but knowing that this is where & when God has placed my family to grow together with others makes me thankful that He is in charge and I am not.

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