Thursday, April 21, 2016

Working Together

It's time for our mission team to head west to Arizona on our yearly adventure. As always, it's a blend of new and veteran team members which always provides a unique experience. There are some things which are the same each year, but there are always new experiences which add to the memories we make together. These short-term mission trips give us an incredible opportunity to grow closer together while serving others. There is power in a group of like-minded people who have sacrificed personal finances, time, energy, and pride to willingly focus on making a difference.

I place great value on these annual trips and can see how they have all had an impact on my family's life. While it reminds me of the potential benefit when we choose to serve others, it also heightens the need for us to have this mindset in our own community. There is something special about traveling to a different culture, but there can also be great power if we adopt the attitude of a compassionate missionary in our own hometown.

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