Monday, April 4, 2016


Do you ever feel absolutely clueless? Maybe it's in a social situation when you aren't real sure what's going to happen or who is going to be there. Perhaps it's a situation in your job when you aren't sure what will happen to your company or the people you work with. It may be an unsettling relationship ordeal and the lack of a clear, healing solution. There are many moments in parenting when cluelessness kicks in especially as your children enter new phases of life.

I can speak of this state with a certain amount of (uncertain) authority as I have been here many times in my own life. While I don't have an immediate solution for this lack of clarity, I do believe there are things we can do until the waters are less murky.

  • Keep doing what you know is right. 
  • Pray consistently and faithfully. 
  • Seek out the counsel of wiser, more experienced people. 
  • Do everything with respect and love.
This doesn't guarantee the immediate appearance of a clear direction, but it puts us in the best position to receive it when it finally arrives.

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