Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Set It

We just finished up our Wednesday night services at the church and cleaned up our tables and chairs from our meal. We have racks that are used to hold the chairs which make it much easier to store them. There is only one way that the chairs fit on the rack, however, and if they aren't put on there correctly they will fall over. When working with our volunteers to clean up I've discovered that the key to success is to set the first chair on the rack so others can see how it should be done. Once the first chair is set, there aren't many questions about how it should happen.

What example am I setting in other areas of my life? How am I setting "the first chair" for my children so that they see how a God-honoring life should be lived? What example am I setting for my friends in the choices I make in my life? What steps am I modeling for other believers as a pastor? What leadership beginnings am I developing so other leaders can take over?

We've got to carefully evaluate the model we are establishing through our choices. There are other people watching and following whether we recognize it or not.

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