Sunday, April 19, 2015

Be Flexible

I've had to work to increase my flexibility and it hasn't been a quick or easy process. It has required intentional focus, discipline, and perseverance. If I don't put the time in to stretch myself out I know I'll end up getting hurt. I won't be able to endure the strains of exercise or make quick adaptations to the terrain around me and I'll fall short of my goals. 

That's not a bad idea for other areas of my life either. The terrain of life is constantly changing and things very rarely work out exactly as planned. I can choose to allow those unforeseen circumstances to derail me completely or I can be flexible enough to adapt and move forward. I've got to continually stretch my problem-solving muscles by finding ways to overcome adversity. Then I'll be able to keep moving forward in the right direction even if the path doesn't look exactly like I thought it would.

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