Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Next Step

I had the opportunity to take a group of our leaders to the Pivot men's conference at Savannah Christian Church this week. We were looking forward to a time of bonding and being challenged as men and we were not disappointed. The experiences were powerful and the speakers all had their "A-game" on. I took pages of notes and wrote several question for myself to answer later as thoughts and encouragement flowed over me from the godly men on the platform.

Honestly, I didn't expect any less than what I was blessed to receive. I anticipated powerful moments and thoughts that would stretch me and I was pleased to be correct. The unknown factor in this moment for me and others is what we will do with our experience. We have returned home and are fired up about the potential of seeing God work in new and mighty ways in the men in our community. We now have to prayerfully translate that inspiration into action if we want to see a new movement take place here. It's time to take what we have received and step into action.

I don't know exactly what that will look like, but I'm ready to move forward. Partnering a passion for change with a willingness to execute is the only way we'll get anything done.

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