Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Playing Small Ball

I love baseball. I am a sports fanatic in the truest sense if the word, but I truly love the game of baseball.
There is something about the history, the pace of the game, the potential for exciting things with every pitch, and the threat of a comeback that makes it special. One of the most exciting things in baseball is the home run. It is fascinating to watch a feat of strength and timing that sends a ball hurtling hundreds of feet through the air to land beyond reach. It can quickly change the momentum of a game and is exciting for fans to anticipate.

Because the home run is so exciting, I think we try to perfect the same science in other areas of our life. We want to have the maximum impact with every decision that we make without realizing that this isn't always the best course of action nor is it always possible. While there will be opportunities when we can make a big decision that brings immediate changes of vast impact the reality is that life is usually made of up small consistent decisions adding together over time to create change. Above average, consistent baseball hitters know when the time is right to swing for the fences and when it's better to contribute in smaller ways for greater overall momentum. 

Are we content with occasionally getting the big hit or do we want to be more consistent with our efforts? Our mindset and daily discipline will help us do little things that add up to bigger results in the long run if we are patient enough to stay focused in the process.

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