Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I remember watching a basketball game in high school where we were losing in the last few minutes.The other team was trying to run down the clock and we were doing what we could to get possession of the ball. I vividly remember one of our players trying to steal the ball while two other players kept throwing it back and forth to keep it away from him. They never moved their position, but he was quickly exhausting himself dashing back and forth. He was committed to what he was doing, but his high level of energy wasn't helping him get the ball or our team to win.

We can have a high level of energy expenditure without seeing results even if our objective is clear. Being successful isn't just about excessive energy and focus, but also about using the right methods. If one of those three elements is missing we won't achieve our desired results and will simply end up exhausted and unfulfilled.

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