Thursday, September 11, 2014

Searching for Strategy

God asked the Israelites to march around the city walls of Jericho for six days. On the seventh day
they walked around seven times, blew their trumpets, and yelled out. As unlikely as it may seem (at least by human power standards) the walls of the city collapsed and the Israelites stormed in to defeat their enemy.

This whole idea of marching without engaging doesn't seem like a strategy from history's best military practices. The point was that the people needed to trust God to do what they couldn't. Victory was assured once they were willing to let God do what only He could do.

What is my Jericho? What am I trying to defeat with my own power when I should be relying on God's power?

  • Shame & guilt from my past
  • Entrenched personal habits
  • The way that I process conflict
  • Obstacles from other people
  • Community strongholds of prejudice
  • Fear over the unknown future

I don't think I can simply ignore these issues yet I do know that I have to surrender some of them to God's higher power to see them conquered.

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