Saturday, February 1, 2014

Random Kindness

I took my wife out to breakfast this morning on a morning date. We try to set aside times to spend together as a couple even if it's something as simple as a breakfast date at IHOP. While we enjoyed our meal (who doesn't like pancakes?) we were more blessed to discover that someone had picked up our bill. We don't know who it was, but were both very pleasantly surprised at the generosity & kindness of our anonymous friends. 

I love the opportunity to be a random, surprise blessing to other people as well. We try to share these moments with our girls so that they see the potential of a life of generosity without expectations. It's an important value that we pray will take root in their character and inspire them to act the same way as adults. If we will model this attitude of kind generosity for our children & give them the opportunity to live it out, we will leave a legacy of compassion that has can change our community.

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