Sunday, February 23, 2014

Unexpected Generosity

I'm not an avid follower of NASCAR, but do read a bit more about it online during my hometown's Daytona 500. I was checking the web version of the newspaper this morning and ran across a story involving driver Kevin Harvick. He was flying into Daytona Beach and saw a fan on Twitter named Louise Groomer. While he doesn't normally engage fans via social media he chose to talk to her & her husband while traveling. By the time he landed he decided to treat the Groomers to an all expense paid trip to the 500. This include their flights, accommodations, and luxury suite tickets to the event today. Needless to say, it was an incredible act of unexpected generosity.

I can't match that level of giving and don't know that many people could do so on a whim. I also believe that we don't have to give thousands of dollars away to practice generosity either. We can do so in many simple ways whether it is anonymously paying for someones meal, donating to their mission trip, or paying for for the car behind you in the drive through. It just requires that we have an open attitude towards people, resources to share (no matter how small they might be), the willingness to take a risk, and the commitment to making it happen. 

Unexpected generosity has the opportunity to immediately change people--the one who receives as well as the giver.

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