Thursday, February 6, 2014

Game Plan

There are a lot of people that can be in charge, but that doesn't make them a leader. The best leaders don't just move an organization forward or add to their resume, but they intentionally invest in their followers. They are able to see individual strengths and weaknesses and create opportunities for people to contribute in the best way. These leaders don't see people as an asset to use up, but as individuals with incredible potential to grow. They recognize each person's gifts and understand that as they develop the staff that the organization will mature as well.

I recently read that good leaders play checkers (every piece moves the same and in the same direction) while great leaders play chess (exponential potential based on each piece.) I think the fundamental difference is in the maturity of the leader who understands the responsibility of the leader to their followers. The most effective leader is able to bring out the best in those that are following them.

How are you leading?

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