Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No Regrets

I've seen people who tattoo this on themselves as a symbol of their willingness to take risks. Adopting this as a life philosophy is sometimes used as validation for poor decision making and an excuse for recklessness. In spite of that possibility I want to adopt this motto for my own life. I don't intend for it to be a license to take foolish risks, but instead as motivation to leverage every opportunity:

  • Always telling my family that I love them
  • Stopping what I'm doing to have conversations with my daughters
  • Giving my wife a good night kiss
  • Holding my wife's hand whenever I can
  • Praying for people in the moment they ask
  • Taking risks of generosity with our finances
  • Seeing strangers in need and engaging them in that moment
  • Seizing a unique opportunity of faith that takes us out of our normal routine
  • Investing in a potential leader who might not fit the typical mold
  • Breaking out of routines and stretching my thinking
  • Establishing new disciplines that help me overcome poor lifelong habits
I don't want to have a ton of regrets at the end of my life, but I want to make sure it's for the right reasons.

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