Sunday, June 8, 2014

Won't Quit

I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised when things become difficult before big opportunities. Each year that I have been involved in camp, conferences, and mission trips there are multiple obstacles that need to be overcome. Many of these are directly related to the setup and implementation of the events, but many of them have nothing to do with what's going on. It's in these times of year that the family of our staff has car problems, their children get pinkeye, people get the flu in summer, sinks explode, bones are broken, and roofs develop monstrous leaks. If it wasn't so predictable it would almost be comical. If I didn't know any better, I wouldn't understand that these are distractions intended to take us off course.

I am grateful to be surrounded by a team of adults who will not be thrown off track by events like these. I am even more grateful for a wife and family that understand the bigger picture of what we're dealing with. We are facing an enemy that wants to steal, kill, and destroy the people we are working to guide to Christ. The good news is that we are working against an enemy that is already defeated and is scrambling to disrupt something that he can't stop. We know who the higher power is and that He has already brought victory over death, disease, and discouragement. We know that it is God's power that fuels us to press on towards our goal of bringing people closer to Christ. We won't stop moving in that direction. We won't quit or be deterred because we know that what we are doing is the difference between life and death.

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