Friday, June 6, 2014

Something Bigger

I like to think big. I have big dreams for my family, my personal influence, our family finances, and for ministry. I like to imagine the potential of what could be and determine what is necessary to see that become a reality. In fact, it's the possibilities of personal transformation and environmental change that inspire me the most.

The process of creatively thinking ahead and seeing glimpses of a possible future motivate me to work and prepare in new ways. I recognize the necessity of the small steps of discipline and the practice of patience that are necessary to see these big things happen. It's not always easy to maintain focus during the slow process, but understanding the larger vision helps fuel my desires.

These ambitions might seem a little absurd to some, but nothing of significant impact came from thinking limited thoughts or from very small dreams. It's better to stretch myself towards new, unknown possibilities or I run the risk of losing momentum and becoming stagnant and lifeless.


  1. Our Father is truly amazing. May He continue to reveal thoughts like this to us.

    1. Indeed my friend! It's these glimpses that keep me fired up!