Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It's Possible

Seeing people make positive changes in their life inspires me. It's one of the things that is appealing to me in my calling as a pastor, but it has also been a part of my passion before ministry. There is just something beautiful about seeing someone take a step forward to change some piece of their life puzzle. It's one of the reasons I heartily applaud beginning runners who take the first step towards better health. It's why I get emotional when people who have felt trapped in bad habits confess their willingness to be transformed and make the first step in recovery. It's a reason to celebrate the family who escapes the overwhelming weight of debt and is now able to live generously.

The process of finding hope is powerful. Sadly, far too many people don't begin these small steps of change because they don't believe it's possible. I think the weight of past decisions, abuse, and poor self-esteem often create conditions where people don't believe they can change. Perhaps the greatest benefit we can bring to someone is to stand beside them and shine a light into their situation that allows them to see something new is possible. If we can provide just a tiny ray of hope, we might be the impetus others need to believe they can attempt to change. Getting another person to believe transformation can potentially be one of our greatest acts of compassion.

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