Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Looking at Things Differently

There are certain routines I keep in my life to help me stay focused and disciplined on what matters most. While I will admit this is helpful in many ways, it can also create ruts that get deeper over time. What were once helpful routines now become ingrained habits that can become so second nature I miss out on important things along the way. It's like driving the same path to work every day. Since it is second nature, there are occasions when you end up at work and don't remember any part of the drive itself. The routine crowds out our attention and creative thinking.

To break that cycle I've started to do simple things like changing my parking spot at work and sitting in different chairs in meetings and in worship on Sunday mornings. It's amazing how something as simple as moving 10-15 feet in a different direction can change your perspective. It changes my sight line of the room and lets me see things in a new way. Even the act of parking in a new spot changes my path of walking into the building and the way I perceive our property.

I still believe firmly in good routines and disciplined living to help me stay on track with what is important. It's just a good idea to change the way I look at things now and then so I don't take them for granted.

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