Monday, May 9, 2016

And She Turns 16

Our youngest girl turned 16 today. As is our family tradition, we've let her set the pace for the day and determine what she wants to do. This is especially fitting as this has been a characteristic of her as long as I can remember. Her strong personality challenges us often while offering glimpses of the powerful potential she has to make a difference.

Our Olivia is uniquely and wonderfully her own person and I love her passion and enthusiasm for what she believes. She is extremely intelligent, fiercely loyal, and a deep thinker. It's no coincidence that her fiery red hair matches her personality.

Her excitement is contagious and she is still discovering how her influence can be used to help others. Underneath her vivacious exterior is a tender heart that cares deeply for others. It's this genuine concern matched with her strong thoughts and gifts that will lead her down her future path.

I love this girl and all of who she is. I'm proud to be her father and am looking forward to what the years ahead will hold for her.

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