Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sticker Shock

"I can't afford that." 

Have you ever used that phrase? It's most often used in a financial sense as we weigh out the cost of an item in comparison to our available funds. We decide that a car is too costly for our budget, a restaurant too fancy for our wallets, or a trip too expensive for the rest of our checkbook. Hopefully we are wise enough to recognize that this is out of our reach instead of going into debt. If we ignore the actual cost in pursuit of immediate gratification we end paying a higher price than we ever anticipated. 

I've got to know that there are other decisions that I can't afford to make either. There are people depending on me and trusting that I will make the right choice. If I forget my priorities and chase after temporary satisfaction, I will end up paying a higher (and very unpleasant price) for my actions. 

If more men would keep this principle in mind, we would see relationships being protected and Christ being honored instead of generations being enslaved to the emotional debt of sinful behaviors. 

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