Sunday, November 23, 2014


I am fortunate to be able to have a full day of ministry and reminders of the power of my calling. While the pace may be hectic, the rewards are plentiful even in complicated circumstances. I'm thankful that today had many different things that continue to affirm God's work around me. It wouldn't be possible to list every detail, but there were some events that stand out. 
  • Sitting with my family in worship
  • Encouraging words from a faithful Christ-follower
  • Having chances to pray with people
  • Baptizing a young girl whose family has set an excellent example for her
  • A full room of people excited about being part of the church
  • Seeing several people ready to take the next step in their spiritual journey
  • Working hard with a group to bless families with Thanksgiving meals
  • Spending the evening with an awesome group of high school youth & being reminded of the good old days of youth ministry 
  • A phenomenal meal with my wife and the comfort of each other's company

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