Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Families have varying traditions at Christmas that foster warm, fuzzy memories. It may be everyone gathering at one house to celebrate, opening all the presents on Christmas Eve, a special meal that is always served, or the reading of the Christmas story as a family. I have fond memories of Christmas Eve parties at my Uncle Bob & Aunt Nita's house with our whole family crowding together. We would then go home and open our traditional Christmas Eve present of new pajamas and read the Christmas story. The soundtrack for the holiday was the Johnny Mathis & Bing Crosby Christmas albums.

Our family traditions aren't exactly like that today, but they certainly helped to shape the way that we celebrate. The one constant is the focus on the birth of Christ over everything else and the joys of family being together. All the other memories add a special touch to the holiday, but these two things are what make it most important. They keep me focused on the top priorities in my life: the love of a God willing to do whatever it takes to rescue His people and the powerful blessing of a family. I am blessed tremendously by both.

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