Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rapids Pace

I have fond memories of white water rafting trips with the youth from Florida. We would stop each summer after our summer conference trip and raft down a portion of the Ocoee River in Tennessee. I have some pretty great stories about swift rivers, teams coming together in trust (and sometimes survival), boats flipping over, and the beauty of nature around us.

The key to surviving the trip down and staying in your boat is to pay attention to what is ahead of you. If you can see the rocks and understand the flow of the river you can maintain your position. You end up working ahead of a particular rapid to ensure your safety instead of slamming into the rocks and then trying to adjust your position.

Sometimes in ministry I feel like I am slamming into the rocks and then trying to correct my raft--not always with great success. It can be jarring to your body (both physically & spiritually) when you are only reacting to what is happening to you instead of preparing for what you see ahead. I recognize that we don't always know what is coming, but we can prepare through diligent, focused prayer and intentional reading and application of God's Word. I felt that way this morning as I spent an hour refocusing my vision through these disciplines. The first part of this week was consumed by the river as it swept me along and battered me against the rocks. Because of my time with God this morning I feel confident in saying that the rest of this week won't bring the same tiring results, but will foster success as I navigate my way downriver with God's direction.

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