Monday, April 18, 2011

Wait Time

When I worked in the restaurant business we knew that part of our success was measured in the time a guest had to wait for a table. You wanted to have some wait time-that indicated that things were busy- but you also knew that if people had to wait for too long they wouldn't stick around. The same principle applies to rides at theme parks. You know that the best rides will end up with lengthy wait times and you have to decide if you are willing to sacrifice that time by standing in line and waiting for your turn to go.

I feel the same way with God's growth plan for us. I can see parts of where He is guiding me and how He is growing His church, but it doesn't necessarily arrive on my timetable. The spiritual wait time is exciting because it means that God is showing part of His vision to us. We can see a piece of His plan and look forward with anticipation to seeing it come to fruition. The difficult part is using the wait time effectively-allowing Him to grow us even as we look to the future.

Maintaining faith and confidence in God's plan when it takes longer than we hope or expect can be frustrating, but He promises that we won't be disappointed with the end results.

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