Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where Are You Going?

In the book of Numbers, chapter 9, we see that when the tabernacle is set up, a cloud covers it that is the presence of God. When the cloud stays over the tent the Israelites are supposed to stay put. When the cloud moves off of the tent they are to pick up and follow where God leads them. According to Scripture that period of waiting was sometimes a few days and others over a year. The key was that the Israelites understood the importance of waiting for God's direction before they moved on.

As I read this passage this morning I wondered about our own obedience to God's leading in His church and in our personal lives. I think that sometimes we get impatient and try to move ahead before God really wants us to go. This leads to a lack of preparation and prayer on our part as we try to force-feed our own timetable on God's plans. I also believe that the converse is true and that we often don't move when God tells us to. We sit back and analyze and strategize for too long and miss out on the divine appointments that God has for us due to our lack of obedient faith.

If we could develop faith in what God is doing and a sensitivity to His Spirit I would wager that we would be ready to go when He calls us to move. Imagine the difference we would see in His church and our impact on those around us if we followed that closely.

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