Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday Reflections....on Monday

Running a day behind in my weekly reflections, so without further adieu...

  • Tailgate party on Friday night was a huge success! Had about 60 people turn out for great food, fire & fun!
  • Another visit from good Florida friends-Jennifer Chamberlain & Mariah Dennis-always does me good to see friends who remain friends across the miles
  • The weather took a turn here in Georgia-cold and rainy and I enjoyed the change
  • We were able to have a fire in our fireplace here-looking forward to more of that!
  • It is an immense pleasure to worship here at Northridge each week-God is certainly moving!
  • Mike's message was dead on-don't live in fear, but have joy in God!
  • Who knew Mike was afraid of horses?  Go figure.
  • The video clip from Matt Chandler (pastor at The Village Church) was beautiful each service-I've actually seen it at least 1/2 a dozen times & it is powerful each time.
  • Being part of this team here is such a sign of God's great plan for all of our lives if we will just be obedient enough to follow
  • The generosity of people here continues to blow me away-someone anonymously gave our children's director & her family a brand new oven that they have needed for over a year
  • A lazy evening laying around with my wife is the perfect ending to a busy weekend-never gets old!

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