Monday, December 7, 2009

Big Prayers

I am praying big prayers this morning & want to continue to do the same each day.  It is easy to fall into the pedestrian trap of simple prayers with easy answers, but that is not the faith that God is calling us to have.  I see the need for the mighty hand of God to be upon us and for us to lift up petitions to Him that when answered, will surely show how incredible He truly is.  Some of my prayers are for my personal life & many are for ministry here at Northridge.  I know that I am incapable of answering them on my own & I trust that my God is faithful to hear me and to provide the answer.  Here is a brief list of the things that I am praying for:
  • My children to grow up into godly women who are passionately in love with Christ
  • For me to be the Christian husband that my wife needs for her own spiritual development
  • For my relatives to discover Christ through whatever means necessary so that they too can know what it means to live with Him and for Him
  • For us to be rid of a house in Florida so that it no longer hangs over our heads
  • A youth ministry at Northridge that is bigger than we could ever dream about
  • A youth ministry that has a reputation of being genuinely & passionately in love with Christ
  • A youth ministry that brings their friends to Jesus through their open & transparent relationship with Him
  • A church that understands it is not about us-it is about the King of Kings and His calling & mission for our lives
  • A church that continues to grow quickly-not just in attendance & numbers of decisions, but in depth of spiritual relationship with God
  • A church staff to increase with the right mix of talents & gifts to see God's great work done here in Baldwin County
  • A revival to take place that puts Baldwin County on the map as a place that belongs to God.
For any of these to happen I know that I (we) need to commit ourselves to prayer.  The efforts of men will only carry so far, but with the power of God nothing is impossible.  Show us, Father, things that will rock our world and blow our imaginations!

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