Sunday, December 27, 2009

Final Sunday Reflections of 2009

We are at the last Sunday of 2009 and the last blog of reflections.  There will be a blog reflecting on all that 2009 has brought to us at some point, but we'll focus on the weekend a few Christmas thoughts for now:

  • Our family celebrated our very 1st Christmas Eve service this past week-what a true blessing! We have always been out of town and it was incredible to take part in this worship with Northridge
  • We are surrounded by an incredibly loving group of friends & family-they amaze me with their generosity and true appreciation for our family
  • It was a great Christmas for us-blending old traditions and establishing new ones for our family
  • My wife put on one heck of a feast on Christmas Eve after service!
  • I love to watch the joy in the faces of those receiving gifts-that is why I prefer to give instead of get!
  • Christmas with cold weather is just the way I think it should be done-I love that we can have a fire rolling in our fireplace all day
  • I am so blessed to work under the leadership of a godly man like Mike-he has helped to make me a better pastor and communicator
  • We had a two-headed sermon in service today as Mike & I had a "Fireside Chat" style of message
  • I pray the people will take seriously their commitment to feeding themselves and feeding others this coming year
  • I love a good acoustic worship set-something about the simplicity of it that is a nice change of pace
  • I see great things in store for Northridge in 2010-can't wait to see God blow the doors off and do more than we could possibly ask or imagine

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