Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday Reflections Again

Alright-it's official.  I am a blogging slacker.  Not only have I not blogged since last week I am also a day late (again) on my Sunday reflections.  I'm not a big resolutions guy, but I do want to be better about this and will be finding a way for that to come true.  Having said that here we go:

  • It seems as if we have Florida guests every week, but I can tell you that it never gets old
  • We spent the bulk of Saturday talking with Richard Walker & his nephew Aaron Breeding-Aaron has been to Arizona with me two times & is a truly incredible young man & I can't say enough good things about Richard and his friendship
  • We spent Saturday night talking away with the Herbruck family after they arrive-what great friends & it is so positive to see what God is doing in their lives-I miss leading worship with Sam & Jesse-what talented musicians that are gonna rock the house for God!
  • This was our first year seeing the Live Nativity @ Northridge (obviously) and it was a very cool experience-I am certain it impacted the community as we saw many people coming through
  • I love a church that is passionate about helping those in need-our Christmas party for Midway Elementary was a huge success-big shout-out to Tish McKenzie for pulling it all together!
  • I love sharing God's Word-not because of anything that it does for me (which it does), but because it is my calling and I treasure every opportunity to steer someone to Christ
  • Any time you can end (or begin) a service with a baptism it's a good day!
  • I truly have a sense of peace concerning our events of the past 3 months-our God is so good to work in our circumstances-I am truly thankful that He is bigger than our intentions!
  • God is starting to give me a vision of the future here at Northridge & I can't wait to see Him bring it into reality!

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