Friday, February 19, 2016

Choosing a Path

I’ve written before about my fascination with people and their individual stories. I wonder how they’ve ended up in their present condition and location and the path of life which has led them here. It’s not always easy to see the depth of a life story from a distance and some people are very good at hiding those stories. Sadly, the pain of life can be more obvious in some people than in others even from far away.

A derailed life is a result of choice. That doesn’t mean people always choose to live a life which has drifted into pain and discomfort. It does reflect our previous (and sometimes current) choices which have crafted difficult circumstances. These can be a direct result of the decisions made by each of us while some of our present condition is caused by the choices of others around us. The weight of poor choices can be a heavy burden to bear.

While we can’t negate the past influence of these options, we can decide what to do with them in the future. Each of us possesses the power to cast aside the weight of what is behind and strain ahead into something better. It’s the only way to get a derailed life story back on track.

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