Monday, November 5, 2012

Still Moving

There are certain traditions that I have started that continue to this day. One of those is a result of traveling with teens for many years & long hours of driving. Inevitably I would be asked the question, "Are we there yet?" and my standard response (no matter where we were in the journey) was, "5 more minutes!" When my kids would ask my wife this question on a trip, she would respond by asking them, "Has the van stopped moving yet?" The truth was that asking the questions didn't change the length of the trip or our arrival time.

Whether we are on a physical pilgrimage or moving spiritually the truth is the same. The journey we are on will take exactly as long as it takes. We can't speed up the process and work that needs to be done in us. Maturity happens as our preparation, faith, failure, and obedience collide in a constant journey of motion and development. The process can't be rushed so we might as well enjoy the trip.

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