Thursday, November 8, 2012


Have we become so consumed with the principle of not offending anyone that we forget that bold faith will be offensive? If we are going to take a stand for Christ it will inspire some to follow, but will also cause enemies to rise up against us. Just as there is no middle ground in being a follower of Christ (you either are or you aren't) there is no middle ground in the response we receive to the life we lead. Many fellow Christians know this truth as they live in persecuting countries and yet still maintain their passion for Christ. Ironically, the same enthusiasm that their tormentors live by is mirrored in the commitment of new Christians in proclaiming their faith in spite of the circumstances.

I believe in the mission of the church to reach those who haven't chosen to follow Christ. This must be done in love and by fully extending grace, but the reality is that God's truth will not always be well received. Scripture even tells us that God's wisdom will appear as foolishness to some and can cause disruption in families and between friends. This isn't the relationship I want to develop with others, but I have to put my faith in God's principles and remain there regardless of the response I might receive. 

Our commitment level combined with God's power will bring about positive & negative reactions. Passionately authentic faith is a catalyst for revival and persecution. 

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